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Think you get the last say?!!
Yesterday was the last day of the Warriors forums and instead of letting me finish what I had to say, they deleted me because I stated that I was banned! BASTARDS! I can't write out on the site anymore what I wanted to say forever so here it goes: strong rage language starting now:

Screw you! You think it's okay to play god to fans who have been reading the books most likely longer than you?! You corporate sell outs! I bet you don't even read the books that the forum is ABOUT! Well for like 2 years, I may not have been able to be Watershade anymore, but damn it! I still beat your game! Right up to the last day and I'm more than proud of that! You tried so many times to kick me off for something that was like 4 years ago over a fight no one even remembers back in a time when there were more jerks online than good rpers! Everyone got so over-reacted over the dumbest shit and spam reported others with the solo goal to ban you for good.
Well suck it, Mods because I won!
I won with the help of friends and time! I miss my old friends and the memories are vague, but in the end, WE WON. And fans will continue to hate you for everything you've done to us out of spite! Why do you think that so many of us threw shade at you during the last few days? Because we all wanted to give you a piece of our minds. Wither out of justice like myself or revenge! And I hope someday, you might just look at yourself and pull that stick out of your asses and grow a real heart.


Animation lover
United States
Not literally.

I'm cleaning up my old junk on this website and getting rid of a lot of submissions. I gotta say that I feel a little embarrassed that I was once so proud to submit such terrible/childish work.

I've long since come to the realization that I'm a terrible drawer. I really don't have the patience and I just don't really like to take that much time out of my day. I'd much rather color and shade in someone else's work and make it even more pleasing to the eyes.
I'd also like to write much more than even that. I've had an account on for some time now and I can honestly say that no matter what I post here, I'm far more proud of my storytelling skills. And it makes me happy. That's truly the most important.

I'll be adding mostly fan-art. That's all i'm really good at here. I like the idea that i'll make artwork designed to further my fanfiction.
Also, I spent one whole year for the first time at a solid part-time job. Yay!

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